next exit paradise

It’s easy to understand the timing of NEXT EXIT PARADISE. . . it’s Summer and that’s what this record is all about!

Billy has written and produced 13 brand new songs that deliver a rocky, beachy, fun, country sound that’s perfect for today’s modern country radio. 

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next exit paradise
· Big Money
· Party on the Equator
· Gone Fishin'
· Margarita Way
· A Good Place
· Beautiful People
· Hometown USA
· Unconditional Thing
· Starlight
· Heaven
· King of Pain
· Run for the Border
· Skippin' Stones
· the good side of life
· millionaire
· flying
· this is my test
· flip flops
· jake terry
· country singer
· lucky
· peace river
· sky is falling
· woody g.
· hurts like hell
· close your eyes
· music man
this side of somewhere

Billy made many friends with radio  in the USA and overseas with his first CD, “This Side of Somewhere”, which  includes his song of the summer, ‘Flip Flops’ featured on NBC’s Today Show.